Top 5 Events You Must Attend In Parker

02.04.2021 07:40 PM By Cesley

Not all events are created equal. Some events turn into family traditions. They become part of the community and our lives.  Whether you are interested in supporting our community or experiencing its rich culture, you will find many reasons to attend our upcoming events. Here are some of the top 5 cultural events in Parker, Colorado that you do not want to miss:

1. Parker Oktoberfest

There is a reason this is CASC's most famous and largest annual event...the lederhosen, the beer, the games, the GIANT pretzels! This 3-day festival attracts over 15,000 people with a massive appreciation for German beer, food, culture, and dog racing. 

I know this seems like a 21 years or older event, but Parker Oktoberfest is actually for the whole family. We will be hosting our first ever KidtoberFest- a kid-centric Sunday that brings the fun of Oktoberfest to Parker children.

Bring your little ones out, or should I say kinder (the German word for children), and get ready for a morning of enchantment, fun, and play on Sunday, September 19th.

2. Parker Science Day

At the Council of Arts, Science, and Culture (CASC) we love science. Not only do we love science in a “reading about it” kind of way, but in a “running around and blowing stuff up” kind of way! That’s why we are so excited to announce that Parker will be hosting its first-ever Science Day in Partnership with Parker Arts

The free event welcomes Parker families interested in learning more about science and STEM with educational booths and activities for children 6 years old through adults that are sure to delight and educate! 

Our goal is to encourage interest in science from an early age. After all, our children are the next generation of doctors, scientists, astronauts, and engineers!

3. Parker July 4th 5K Race

Make it an annual tradition to kick-start your 4th of July with a 3.1-mile fun run for the whole family hosted by the local business, RNK Running & Walking.

Every year, runners and walkers of all ages, levels, and backgrounds come together to showcase their American patriotism. Great for adults, kids, and teens—from beginners to veteran runners.

4. Parker Celtic Brewfest

St. Patrick's Day is often forgotten in our long list of holidays. For some, St. Patrick's Day is just another workday that ends in a half-hearted attempt at going out due to the crazy work schedule. What happens is that it feels so rushed and we miss this fun drinking holiday.

Slow down! Take your time and enjoy CASC's Celtic Brewfest when it comes to Parker's Celtic House Pub! There are plenty of opportunities for fun, dining, entertainment, and more! Come experience something different than the typical St. Patty's Day celebration. Get lost among the rich culture of Celtic music, food, and good cheer without being forced to wear a silly hat or embarrassing outfits.

5. Parker Earth Day

The town of Parker is not as green and clean as it could be. Biodiversity is decreasing, more and more animals are on the endangered species list and pollution is rising.

More Colorado families must take action to help protect and save what we have left of our planet. 

Join us for this year's Earth Day event in Parker! Enjoy a day of environmental education and respect for all that surrounds us. Walk around the historic downtown, enjoy art, music, food trucks, local businesses, and family fun activities all while being surrounded by all that Mother Nature has to offer us!

In Conclusion

The festive season is fast approaching. If you want to enjoy the magic, you’ve got to plan ahead.

With so many choices on offer, it can all become a little overwhelming. Who should you visit? What events are worth your time and money? What events are socially distanced adequately?

We suggest these five events as a great way to spend the 2021 holiday period and make some new community friends in doing so. Share your experience!

If you have attended one of these events, share your experience. If you have more to suggest, use the comments section.